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Create visual novels for mobile easily with Kinenjin's game engine.


The game director, writer, and artist come up with a concept for a new visual novel. Everyone gets busy producing their talented work.

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The game engine compiles the finished story script, artwork, and music into a visual novel. The game is tested and tuned to perfection.

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The visual novel is ready and published to app stores for awaiting fans. Time to get working on its sequel!

About Us


Kinenjin exist to turn every story imaginable into a visual novel with stunning art and engaging gameplay.



The Wrong End visual novel is our showcase game powered by Kinenjin's mobile visual novel engine. The engine simplifies and shortens the technical part of developing new visual novels, allowing us to concentrate on the creative aspects of story, art and gameplay.


The Wrong End

The Wrong End is a thriller visual novel in which you decide what action to take and the following outcome will determine the course of the story. Beware! What may seem like a right choice may actually have the opposite effect on the story.

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Why are we making Visual Novels?


Action, fantasy, crime, horror, romance and so much more; there are no limits to what stories visual novels can bring to players.


The ability to choose the path of the story, the replay value of discovering the various story branches and endings, and enhanced by mesmerising art, make it a compelling gaming experience.


Our visual novels are also exclusively formatted for mobile phones so that its easily accessible, to be played anywhere and anytime.

Seeking Writers and Artists

We are inviting writers and artists to join us as visual novel project partners. We'll love to hear about your story idea and to view your portfolio of artwork. So contact us now by:

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